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Reality TV causes untold sufferingReality TV causes untold suffering
The recent craze for reality TV shows such as "Survivor" and "I'm almost a celebrity please, please get me on telly" is being blamed for a sharp increase in reported cases of insect abuse.
Pregnant aphid drowned - can you help?Pregnant aphid drowned - can you help?
A pregnant aphid has been found drowned in a quarry near Canterbury with a heavy weight attached to her neck.
Beetles forced to eat excrement to surviveBeetles forced to eat excrement to survive
Beetles in remote parts of Africa are suffering from such severe food shortages that they can survive only by eating other creatures excrement, claims a report into appalling levels of beetle hardship on the continent.
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The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Insects


OK, I give in. The SPCI website is a parody. A parody of justice that insects have been oppressed to the point where they need there own society to protect them! Oh, no, wait, er... nope, no, actually it's just a parody. Full stop. Parody, as in, not being real, as in, having a laugh, taking the Michael, extracting the urine, etc. etc.

The news items on this site may not actually be true, let alone well researched or accurate, although to be fair, that's true of a lot of newspapers I could mention. Any resemblance to insects living or dead is most likely complete coincidence.

If you have been offended by the material on this site, but have nonetheless taken the time to read the whole thing while simultaneously tut-tutting about how offensive it is and how people shouldn't read it, then please have a hunt around on Google - with luck you may find even more offensive sites and many more opportunities to cry "Down with that sort of thing!".